ShoZu, what a great tool

ShoZu are describing theirselves as “is the leading provider of mobile social media services that connect mobile consumers with their online social networks, personal blogs, photo storage sites and other Web 2.0 properties from the handset.” So far, I’m just very impressed with what they are doing and how to use it!

Apples iPhone Strategy

I’m sure many of us criticized Apple’s first generation iPhone as sorely lacking in the technology department. However, no one can doubt the buzz the impending launch of the iPhone OS version 3.0 has created. On the flip side, if we can look through the marketing, we can see that there is a very clever […]

Users of Twitter in Norway

According to Øyvind Solstad at NRK Beta there is somewhere between 20 000 – 40 000 Twitter users in Norway. The last figure I’ve heard was 6 500, and that was three months ago. Could this be true? If so, and amazing developoment. Below is the twitter between Solstad at and the journalist Hege Ulstein […]

Online communities in the telecom industry

There are not as many examples of good online communities for the telecoms industry. Part of the reason for this is that the nature of the industry is one that facilitates communication – they don’t provide content but allow people to communicate over their networks or using their products. Therefore many example of their use […]

200 millions uses Facebook!

Congratulations, yesterday over 200 millions has/is using Facebook! In this video (only available if you’re a member of Facebook, but I’ll guess everybody is!) Mark Zuckerberg says “Growing rapidly to 200 million users is a really good start, but we’ve always known that in order for Facebook to help people represent everything that is happening […]

About this social media thing…

What was my strategy when launching this blog? How about when I started using Twitter over two years ago when most people dismissed it as a fad, trend, and a tool for narcissistic individuals who wanted to tell the world what they had for lunch? My strategy – learning by doing! I made mistakes, I […]

Twitter Weekly Updates – 08.03.2009

@philiplund hvofor ikke en sak om hvorfor Twitter har eksplodert i Norge siden årsskiftet in reply to philiplund # nye muligheter – ny uke! # @Manheim høres ut som en god plan – jeg legger det inn i kalender # @philiplund skjønner problemstillingen 😉 bra artikkel idag f.ø på Kuttisme! in reply to philiplund # […]

The Frenzy of Twitter

Twitter’s the subject of a lot of debate at the moment and a lot of coverage in the media and press. Twitter is growing fast and as it does so it is changing and evolving to follow its users needs. I truly believe that Twitter is growing and that 2009 will see it evolve beyond […]

Twitter Weekly Updates – 1.3.2009

ferdig med snemåking, nå er det # trying to buy an # peppes på røa godt å synde en skjelden gang # @skipet veldig bra tips! in reply to skipet # really good handball game tonight, won 28-16, and we played well! # will this be another glorious day for Norway at the cross-country world […]

The Pirate Bay trial

The Swedish government is aiming its cannons at The Pirate Bay, but the torrent site’s administrators say that they don’t plan to abandon ship. The charges filed yesterday against The Pirate Bay by Swedish prosecutor Håkan Roswall (you can here it live at SVT and follow it at Twitter) allege that four of the torrent […]

No surprise – Facebook is no 1!

Data released today from supports what will not be a surprise to most. Facebook is the most visited social network, with nearly 1.2 billion visits in January 2009. This also represents significant growth, with visits to Facebook up 36% on December, and 256% over the previous twelve months. MySpace slipped into second place at […]

WordPress, it just works!

I’m so happy, trying to develop a new blog/website for Confetti. I’m still in the beta phase, but I’m kinda getting it – and for me, not a codebreaker, it’s thrill. And I just have to say – it’s fun working in WordPress!

Internet – evolve?

Starting of the new year with some thoughts… a pretty ambisious one – enjoy! Some of today’s most vaunted tech philosophers are embroiled in a ferocious argument. On one side are those who think the Internet will liberate humanity, in a virtuous cycle of e-volving creativity that may culminate in new and higher forms of […]

The IT-scam in Denmark – IT Factory

It’s interesting to see that a blogger/journalist is the one to blow the whistle on one of Scandianavias larger scams in a while. He name is Dorte Toft, and has done a brilliant research, leading to this revealing! Just click on the link above and read the articles for yourself, it’s a good journalistic piece […]

Something new and fun

Occasionally, you just stumble up on (no, no, not the community…) something fun you could use in your daily work. A college of mine, Russel, always made this nice clouds in presentations. So I asked what he used, and he told me he uses Wordle to create stuff. So I just tried it out on […]

Interesting way of branding things!

A music video has done something quite interesting I think, they have put 41 different ads in the video! So, how do we classify this? Is it user-generated, viral involuntary co-op branding? But it’s an interesting technique – commercials as a library for music video producers. Ooh, almost forgot – how many of the commercials […]

I really like Bambuser

As they say in the Facebook group: Like Youtube, only live – What happens when everyone is having a broadcasting bus in their pocket… I have done some testing of it, and when you use it from a business point of view, it’s some of the better things I’ve come across lately. Think about all […]

Top-10 sites in the US, september 08

Interesting information, in September 144 millions of all Internet users in the US stopped by one of Googles sites. That’s more than 75 %! Talk about monopoly and marketing possibilities! During September the amount of users we’re 189,5 millions. Not surprisingly Yahoo! and Microsoft are the number two and there. The source for this is […]

Is YouTube a parasite ?

According to a report in the Guardian, the former BBC executive Michael Grade, now the Executive Chairman of Britain’s Independent Television, openly attacked Google-owned YouTube at the recent IBC convention in Amsterdam, for stealing and living off the television content created by the UK’s founding commercial network. Grade also stated that despite the parasitic nature […]

The social community war!

I know, two posts in one day, but I had to do this little thing immediately! I found this video who kinda’ sums up the requests of joining all kinds of communities – I found it hilarious! Social Networking Wars