The Frenzy of Twitter

Twitter’s the subject of a lot of debate at the moment and a lot of coverage in the media and press. Twitter is growing fast and as it does so it is changing and evolving to follow its users needs.

I truly believe that Twitter is growing and that 2009 will see it evolve beyond what we have at the moment. But sometimes it’s interesting to see another perspective. And this video from the Daily Show does that perfectly. It’s funny but as we should expect it’s also insightful.

I particularly like the way it shows the danger of using too many tools at the same time. Everything has its place and the danger with social media is that rather than using it to do the new things it allows us to do, we actually just use it alongside existing tools or replace (or even duplicate) things we do in other ways. But social media really should be much more exciting. We need to innovate and discover the new things we can do with it rather than just using it as a way to do old things.
That’s why this week I’m adding Jon Stewart’s look at ‘Twitter Frenzy’. It raises some insightful points about the way we use social media and the way the press and other media are seizing on these tools. It’s also quite funny