Twitter Weekly Updates 15.03.2009

Veldig glad for snøfreser! Mer sne – oh glede # I just like to watch outside the house, 1.5 meter of snow 🙂 # done with everything, here comes the new week with a lot of exciting things # still working, hell of a fun week ahead! # @yapluka du har helt rett! in reply […]


A great INMA seminar about politics and social media earlier today. Thanks to Sindre F. Beyer, Arbeiderpartiet, Hanne Bjerknes, Høyre, Tone Liljeroth, FrP, Marius Myhrvold, ColtPR, Marius Eriksen, Sermo Consulting, Thomas Moen, 4AM, Jan Omdahl, Dagbladet for making this such a great day. A lot of Twitter and LiveStreaming – I will post it as […]

Twitter Weekly Updates – 08.03.2009

@philiplund hvofor ikke en sak om hvorfor Twitter har eksplodert i Norge siden årsskiftet in reply to philiplund # nye muligheter – ny uke! # @Manheim høres ut som en god plan – jeg legger det inn i kalender # @philiplund skjønner problemstillingen 😉 bra artikkel idag f.ø på Kuttisme! in reply to philiplund # […]

The Frenzy of Twitter

Twitter’s the subject of a lot of debate at the moment and a lot of coverage in the media and press. Twitter is growing fast and as it does so it is changing and evolving to follow its users needs. I truly believe that Twitter is growing and that 2009 will see it evolve beyond […]

This thing with Twitter

Thought I post something that I twittered (can you say that??) last week, it looks a bit corny but anyway. And I do feel that Pascal has a point! Oh, almost forgot, Kuttisme had a really good article today about the use of Twitter in marketing. Read it!

The success of Twitter

I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it short. Who said it? The French philosopher Blaise Pascal in 1662.

The Pirate Bay trial

The Swedish government is aiming its cannons at The Pirate Bay, but the torrent site’s administrators say that they don’t plan to abandon ship. The charges filed yesterday against The Pirate Bay by Swedish prosecutor Håkan Roswall (you can here it live at SVT and follow it at Twitter) allege that four of the torrent […]

Twitter is accelerating

The use of Twitter here in Norway has exploded the last couple of months. The real value of Twitter is both in acting as a central portal to bring together and point to all social media activity, and also a true engagement tool! In fact, when brands use Twitter and in Norway are we so […]

No surprise – Facebook is no 1!

Data released today from supports what will not be a surprise to most. Facebook is the most visited social network, with nearly 1.2 billion visits in January 2009. This also represents significant growth, with visits to Facebook up 36% on December, and 256% over the previous twelve months. MySpace slipped into second place at […]