Twitter Weekly Updates 15.03.2009

Veldig glad for snøfreser! Mer sne – oh glede # I just like to watch outside the house, 1.5 meter of snow 🙂 # done with everything, here comes the new week with a lot of exciting things # still working, hell of a fun week ahead! # @yapluka du har helt rett! in reply […]


A great INMA seminar about politics and social media earlier today. Thanks to Sindre F. Beyer, Arbeiderpartiet, Hanne Bjerknes, Høyre, Tone Liljeroth, FrP, Marius Myhrvold, ColtPR, Marius Eriksen, Sermo Consulting, Thomas Moen, 4AM, Jan Omdahl, Dagbladet for making this such a great day. A lot of Twitter and LiveStreaming – I will post it as […]

Political ads on TV in Norway still banned, or?

Despite the fact that the Norwegian government won’t appose the verdict in the European Court of Human Rights, regarding the political ads on TV, the minister of Culture, Trond Giske still says no! They are supposed to allow the smaller parties and I really don’t know how they can explain this – for real. You […]

A fantastic seminar about politics and social media

Friday the 13th March (yeh, I know…), INMA together with us at Confetti and Dagbladet will invite to a huge seminar about the use of social media in politics. One of the new and exciting politicians, Hadia Tajik from Arbeiderpartiet, will tell us some of her experience in her campaign at YouTube. The list of […]

About the stam cell proposal and cloning

This discussion which kinda’ reach a peak last week in Norwegian media, and of course, thanks to the proposal from the government, does nothing else than demonstrates our irrational fear of the unknown, not the vagaries of science. To my big surprise, Høyre, as the leading opposition party are very reluctant in this matter and […]