The decline of Marit Bjørgen

Too me, watching her go in the first day of the World Skiing Championships in Sapporo, Japan was in a way a step forward. But, and it’s a big one, I kinda’ have the feeling that she, unfortunately, is done!
The worlds best male skier a couple of years ago, Per Olofsson of Sweden, there are too many similarities to just be a coincidence. Both highly respected for their enormous talent and professional attitude, and then, when trying to archive even more medals and success, everything stopped.
I don’t know how many press conferences I have seen the last couple of years of Ms Bjørgen, when the answer has been the same; “I don’t know whats wrong with the body, I feel fine”, and you can really see the pain and disappointment in her eyes. It’s an echo of Olofsson.

The reason; well I don’t know, but I assume too much hard training with no one telling her to do things differently.

Sad ending for a fantastic skier!