The Arbeiderparti debate on radical muslims

The President of the Norwegian Storting (Parliament) and former Labour party leader, Thorbjørn Jagland, went on a rampage on the Prime Ministers 50th birthday (can you imagine…) and attacked his own party, and particularity the Secretary General Martin Kolberg for its role in the ongoing debate on Islam, saying it is creating fear.

Jagland says the party’s leadership is trying to create a fear that is not real, in order to capture votes.
Last week outgoing Labour (Arbeiderpartiet) party secretary, Martin Kolberg said in a speech that Labour would enter into a fight with what he called “radical Islam”, but Jagland claims that Kolberg does not even know what radical Islam actually is.

– There is absolutely no threat from Islam in Norway, but it is quite possible to create a threat, Jagland said, about the latest leads from the party leadership.
Jagland also reacts to his own party trying copy the Progress Party in order to gain politically by “mixing concepts and ideas” and thereby creating fear.

This morning I was told by the news that Arbeiderpartiet had a crisis meeting yesterday, and the conclusion is “they are all standing by Kolberg”. Who could figure that one out??
And the winner is, as always in these kind of debates, Fremskrittspartiet