200 millions uses Facebook!

Congratulations, yesterday over 200 millions has/is using Facebook! In this video (only available if you’re a member of Facebook, but I’ll guess everybody is!) Mark Zuckerberg says “Growing rapidly to 200 million users is a really good start, but we’ve always known that in order for Facebook to help people represent everything that is happening […]

The 4 C’s of Community

Content: Quality content is a great way to attract the people who are needed to form the elusive community that your brand is hoping will to help build. When considering community initiatives, there are three questions to ask yourself. 1. Where will the content come from? 2. Does it provide indisputable value? Can a regular […]

New cases to work with

I’m so fortunate that I have to work with a great bunch of people and some very interesting customers. It’s always fun to use your brain in a creative way and in the forthcoming month of so, I will tell you something about what I and we at Confetti are doing. Something to look forward […]

The social community war!

I know, two posts in one day, but I had to do this little thing immediately! I found this video who kinda’ sums up the requests of joining all kinds of communities – I found it hilarious! Social Networking Wars