A day wow

Just a brilliant day, 30 km cross country skiing in the beatiful Bærumsmarka. The picture is from Østernvannet on my way towards Kampen.

Vinnere av Sermos superheltpris #sofaprat

During Sofaprat at Emil & Samuel december 17th, NRKBeta was a runaway winner! This competition, held by Sermo Consulting,created some discussions within the Norwegian hard-core social media sphere. From left to right are Thomas Tangen, Sermo, Thomas Moen ColtPR, Eirik Solheim NRKBeta, (hidden Arnt Eriksen Sermo) and Øyvind Solstad from NRKBeta.

Sylvia Brustad visiting

Just now we had the Norwegian minister of Trade, Sylvia Brustad, over for lunch! The discussions was about the conditions for small companies like us at Confetti. A nice chat for an hour and a half!

ShoZu, what a great tool

ShoZu are describing theirselves as “is the leading provider of mobile social media services that connect mobile consumers with their online social networks, personal blogs, photo storage sites and other Web 2.0 properties from the handset.” So far, I’m just very impressed with what they are doing and how to use it!