Tidenes beste sosiale medie kampanjer

Forbes.com lager lister for det meste. I denne, som kom forrige uke, nominerer de tidenes beste sosiale medie kampanjer. Juryen, tre prominente amerikanske herrer David Berkowitz, 360i; Brandon Evans, Mr. Youth og Michael Lebowitz, Big Spaceship – ble spurt om å ta med suksessen på kampanjen i seg selv, hvordan den ble gjennomført og kreativitiet. […]

Coke snatches the-fun-idea-concept from Sweden

Some months ago, October 29th to be precise, I wrote about the Volkswagen campaign in Sweden, Rolighetsteorien – I really good campaign (fun things makes people do boring, ordinary stuff). Now it seems that Coke in the US have stolen the idea and launched a their “Happiness Machine”. It seems a bit too much of […]

The new swedish VW-commercial

How to change a behaviour, it’s now on top on the Viral Video Chart – and just a brilliant piece of work! Credit to DDB in Sweden for the concept, which fits right into enviromental idea, spreading around the world! Have a look and a litte laugh, and a little thought – this is good! […]