Syv harde fakta om sosiale medier for merkevarer

Dette er en artikkel som jeg leste på Fresh Networks, alltid en kilde til inspirasjon og tanke: A lot of people are excited about social media and think it could have a hugely positive impact on their brand, their marketing and communications, the insight they get, the way in which they deal with customer service […]

Medie- og avishusenes 10 mest populære løgner!

Hmm, here we go again – writing in Norwegian… Anyway, this post is very much inspired/copied from the brilliant people at Mindpark, so the wrap-up is more a translation into Norwegian. Judy Sims,from Toronto Canada, a very interesting professional have written a blogpost about Top 10 Lies Newspaper Execs are Telling Themselves, and here is […]

Social medias and the Olympics

Here is something I read about the Olympics and would like to share with you; The 2008 Beijing Olympics should be the perfect area for social media coverage of the event itself Social media is also being used by many big brands to capitalise upon the Games. The very reasons we identified for social media […]