The russian president uses a video blog!

I have written some stuff about the role social media played in Obama’s campaign in the US. Politicians can make great use of social media and online communities to engage with the public. One real benefit of engaging people in this way is that you can focus people round a specific topic or issue, a […]

I’m very curios, who will win the US Election?

I’m interested in finding out if the US will do something that wouldn’t happen in Norway in the next twenty years, choosing someone to office with a different background then tradition says… And if Mr. Obama will win, then I think the world will be very disappointed within the next six months – he’s voted […]

New cases to work with

I’m so fortunate that I have to work with a great bunch of people and some very interesting customers. It’s always fun to use your brain in a creative way and in the forthcoming month of so, I will tell you something about what I and we at Confetti are doing. Something to look forward […]

Time for the big race – Obama vs McCain

Finally, the race within the democratic party is over, as it seems (still waiting for Hillary to call it quits…) and it’s time for the big one – the race for the presidency. And it seems during this day it has already heated up; McCain seized on his rival’s trademark slogan to say: “That’s not […]