MLB 2014

Nok snakk om fotball, våren og sommeren er her – og “the american pasttime” har begynt – baseball! Jeg håper at mitt lag, Oakland Athletics gjør en like god sesong som de har gjort de to siste årene, og tar sin tredje strake seier i American League West. Derfor må jeg jo ha en kvalifisert […]

Toppidrett og grønne spørsmål

Toppidretten i Norge har i mange år vært fullstendig fraværende i grønne/energi og klimaspørsmål. Mitt enkle spørsmål er hvorfor? Et at de siste årenes engasjement er Earth Hour, hovedsaklig utviklet av Trigger Oslo for IKEA (så da teller den vel egentlig ikke??) – særlig når Egil Olsen egentlig ikke fikk lov til å delta fra […]

Hva er dine første to sider på iPhone

Etter mye tvil har jeg også har konvertert til iPhone tenkte jeg gjøre en meget uformell spørreundersøkelse, hvilke apps er det folk faktisk bruker. Jeg har pr idag fire sider som jeg bruker, laster opp apps og fjerner, men de to første sidene blir de som jeg bruker særdeles mest. Her er mine to første […]

A new baseball season!

So, it’s time again – Major League Baseball has started again. So what will happen this year?? To be honest, I don’t dare to guess, my guesses last year was so terrible, but some predictions entering the 2009 season: New York Yankees will miss the postseason again, Red Sox and Rays will be strong! Rich […]

Money can’t buy everything, sometimes…

The Brazilian superstar Ricardo Kaka refused to go from Milan to Manchester City,despite The Premier League club’s audacious bid to sign the Brazilian star in a £100million-plus deal. He was happy where he is. Two points, his making a huge marketing impact as one of the few sports superstars saying no to a better bid […]

Things happen in Oakland, maybe…

Is really Oakland A’s gonna’ sign Rafael Furcal, well, every sign says so. But $48 millions, hey ya, it’s a lot of money. Anyway, if this really happens, and I would love to – think of the infield combo of Furcal and Mark Ellis! I just don’t want this to happen! Rafael Furcal Error Night […]

Is really Oakland A’s trading for Matt Holiday?

The A’s are working to complete a trade with the Rockies that would bring Matt Holliday to Oakland. One of the sources said said reliever Huston Street, lefty starter Greg Smith and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez were among the players who had been discussed in recent days. Why, beats me since it’s only a one year […]

Phillies win the World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies just won World Series. If that sounds strange, it was strange. Nearly 50 hours after Game 5 started but was stopped by rain, Brad Lidge and the Phillies finished off the Tampa Bay Rays 4-3 in a three-inning sprint Wednesday night and won the series 4-1. Left in limbo by a two-day […]

Small things in life happens

Norges Bank announced it was cutting another half-point off its key rate. That brings it down to 4.75 percent, and means that rates have dropped by a full point since earlier this month, the snow is falling and I won the bet on which day the first snow will fall, World Series is postponed because […]

Tampa Bay Rays to the World Series

The doubts have smothered the Tampa Bay Rays all season. From arduous games to demanding tests, the Rays were expected to fade away. Sooner or later, the inspirational Rays would go home. But the Rays are not going home after all. They are going to the World Series. By advancing to the World Series, the […]

Josh Hamiltons performance

This was some kind of performance, I have been watching baseball for some years, but the unbelivable display that Texas Rangers outfilder John Hamilton did at the Home Run Derby – it’s just wow! Have a look, it’s absolutely amazing! John Hamilton Mashes!

Some predictions about sports!

It’s time for football and baseball, and everybody who’s kinda’ into it always guess champions and so forth; so ok, here is my pick for the closest ones: Tippeligaen Norway: Champions 2008: Brann (maybe not a surprise pick for those who knows me, but in this matter, there is no doubt, they have the best […]

Predictions on Major League Baseball

Since everybody is having a lot of ideas of who’s winning who, so here is my idea: AL East: Yankees, AL Central: Twins AL West: Athletics AL Wild Card: Tigers NL East: Mets NL Central: Brewers NL West: Dodgers NL Wild Card: Diamondbacks AL Champion: Twins over Athletics NL Champion: Dodgers over Diamondbacks World Series: […]

And the winter is over

more or less, spring training has started in baseball – and the golf season is coming up! Now that is something I’m looking forward to!