Steve Jobs mørke side

Her er en artikkel fra New York baserte Gwaker om Steve Jobs. Ikke minst for balansen og den totalt halleluja som Apple og Jobs oppnår i blant tech-geeks og journalister synes jeg denne er vel vært å lese, ikke minst for det at jeg mener at artikkelforfatteren Ryan Tate har noen meget gode poenger (det […]

It’s Googles World, we just live in it!

This is a brilliant post from Salon, and Andrew Leonard! I’m posting it – read it, it gives some good ideas and do read the comments – there are some very intriguing words been said. It’s fun to trash the search-monster’s Buzz, but there’s a method to its social networking smart-phone madness Is this what […]

Microsoft will try to take a part in the search market with Bing

In an article today in AdAge, Microsoft is aiming it’s guns at Google, launching a campaign, somewhere in between $ 80 and 100 millions. Microsoft has tried a lot of tricks, almost everybody in the book, to grab a bigger market share in the search business. The results don’t match the efforts! Microsoft’s search query […]

Top-10 sites in the US, september 08

Interesting information, in September 144 millions of all Internet users in the US stopped by one of Googles sites. That’s more than 75 %! Talk about monopoly and marketing possibilities! During September the amount of users we’re 189,5 millions. Not surprisingly Yahoo! and Microsoft are the number two and there. The source for this is […]