Fun things happens in baseball

Yesterday, in one of the biggest rivaliries in sports, the game between by Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, the centerfielder from Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury, stole homeplate! This sure is a rare thing – and it’s so fun to watch! Now I’m just waiting for the speedsters in Oakland A’s to do […]

A new baseball season!

So, it’s time again – Major League Baseball has started again. So what will happen this year?? To be honest, I don’t dare to guess, my guesses last year was so terrible, but some predictions entering the 2009 season: New York Yankees will miss the postseason again, Red Sox and Rays will be strong! Rich […]

Baseball in crisis, again

I read this article yesterday, written by ESPN senior writer Jayson Stark, about Sports Illustrated article Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 03. Mr Stark is very angry and I do agree, like he says in his article “In baseball, we love our numbers. And we love our heroes. And that brings us to […]

Money can’t buy everything, sometimes…

The Brazilian superstar Ricardo Kaka refused to go from Milan to Manchester City,despite The Premier League club’s audacious bid to sign the Brazilian star in a £100million-plus deal. He was happy where he is. Two points, his making a huge marketing impact as one of the few sports superstars saying no to a better bid […]