Money can’t buy everything, sometimes…

The Brazilian superstar Ricardo Kaka refused to go from Milan to Manchester City,despite The Premier League club’s audacious bid to sign the Brazilian star in a £100million-plus deal. He was happy where he is. Two points, his making a huge marketing impact as one of the few sports superstars saying no to a better bid […]

New manager for Norway

It happened, Åge Hareide withdraw from his position as the manager for the Norwegian football team. Not surprisingly, looking at the results the last year. My idea, get Guus Hiddink, buy out Steinar Nilsen as manager for Brann and get Hareide as the new manager for Brann – that’s the best solution for all parties!

No Olympics in Tromsø 2018

Well, what can you expect. Blowing it completely out of porposions regarding money, and then hpoing for a miracle, it shouldn’t happen and it didn’t. Despite I would love to go to the Olympics in Norway again, I think sports in Norway could use the 20 billions in a much better way. There is several […]