A fantastic seminar about politics and social media

Friday the 13th March (yeh, I know…), INMA together with us at Confetti and Dagbladet will invite to a huge seminar about the use of social media in politics. One of the new and exciting politicians, Hadia Tajik from Arbeiderpartiet, will tell us some of her experience in her campaign at YouTube. The list of […]

Great conferance in Berlin

I’m at the INMA conference in Berlin, discussing and learning about more of all possibilities in digital media. The program is really good and the day has been a pleasure so far. Good speakers, good interaction and a lot of debates. I presume the evening will continue in the same way. Tomorrow, it’s time for […]

WordPress, it just works!

I’m so happy, trying to develop a new blog/website for Confetti. I’m still in the beta phase, but I’m kinda getting it – and for me, not a codebreaker, it’s thrill. And I just have to say – it’s fun working in WordPress!

t-mobile, what a campaign!

I wrote today at our official blog, Confettiblogg about T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) outstanding campaign! Read about it here . Brilliant ideas – soo sosial media and sharing! The concept is outstanding, and I presume they have spent some money on it… And check out the video:

Norways biggest websites – 18th of December 2008

I wrote about this at Confettis blog, but I thought it had some points I would like to share. In Norway we have a list from TNS/Metrix, measuring the traffic on Norwegian websites. But, you have to pay for it – to become a part of this statistics. That’s why, for example, Google.no isn’t on […]

On the move – Confetti

The company where I work, Confetti is moving, we are changing office. We are now located at Møllergata 13 in Oslo, you’ll find us here. Welcome!

New cases to work with

I’m so fortunate that I have to work with a great bunch of people and some very interesting customers. It’s always fun to use your brain in a creative way and in the forthcoming month of so, I will tell you something about what I and we at Confetti are doing. Something to look forward […]

Now it’s hot

Just a weekend left, before getting back to work. And I havn’t commented anything despite a lot of things happened this last couple of weeks… Blame it (or rather – it’s summer and vacation) on laziness… but there is a lot of questions who needs an answer during the next couple of months, – will […]

The beginning of summer

So the calendar says, it’s the last day of June, and I’m stilling waiting for the vacation feeling.. but I’ll guess it will occur in a day or to, it’s always the transition from a lot of work, ’til, in theory, doing nothing who complicates it. Anyway, the vacation starts out with a comment in […]

Amazing users and numbers!

Today, at a workshop we held in Confetti, I got actual figures that said that their users/visitors (this is a big quite portal with a huge international brand) visited approx. fifty (yes, 50!!) pages during their sessions. They are reading the site as they read the magazine! If there is anybody who knows something similar […]

A good day – exciting new colleges

New possibilities, a good customer meeting and very a sunny and beautiful day in Oslo. It’s always exciting when new things comes around, in my case I have started to work as a senior advisor at a very thrilling company, Confetti . To work with the net as a business channel, ad’s, media – a […]

Ad’s on the net tops TV-ads

Listening to the radio this morning, one of the biggest news was that companies spends more money on ads on the Internet, than they use on TV ads. Still, most spent money is traditional, ads in the newspapers. So, what we happen with this in the future, I think it will create a flood of […]