Coke snatches the-fun-idea-concept from Sweden

Some months ago, October 29th to be precise, I wrote about the Volkswagen campaign in Sweden, Rolighetsteorien – I really good campaign (fun things makes people do boring, ordinary stuff). Now it seems that Coke in the US have stolen the idea and launched a their “Happiness Machine”. It seems a bit too much of […]

Give the kids something to eat in school!

One of the things that I really miss in the debate in the forthcoming elections is the question about nutrition in schools. There have been some try-outs all over the country, and the results is conclusive: Giving the kids something to eat during the day increases the results! Why isn’t this higher on the agenda? […]

Pepsi and Coke launches new drinks

Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo Inc said they received US regulatory clearance for natural, calorie-free sweeteners derived from the stevia plant and planned to launch new soft drinks in the coming weeks. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola makers have long searched for a natural alternative to chemical sweeteners such as Equal, Sweet’N Low and Splenda to […]