Topp 10 merkevarer på Facebook

Artikkel via FreshNetworks: This data comes from Famecount which ranks brands (and people) based on the number of people who follow, like or friend them in social networks. It shows that food and drink brands are in each of the top five places, with fashion brands making up most of the remaining places in the […]

Coke snatches the-fun-idea-concept from Sweden

Some months ago, October 29th to be precise, I wrote about the Volkswagen campaign in Sweden, Rolighetsteorien – I really good campaign (fun things makes people do boring, ordinary stuff). Now it seems that Coke in the US have stolen the idea and launched a their “Happiness Machine”. It seems a bit too much of […]

Pepsi and Coke launches new drinks

Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo Inc said they received US regulatory clearance for natural, calorie-free sweeteners derived from the stevia plant and planned to launch new soft drinks in the coming weeks. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola makers have long searched for a natural alternative to chemical sweeteners such as Equal, Sweet’N Low and Splenda to […]