Okkuper Wall Street – reklame

Konfrontasjoner har det blitt. Okkuper Wall Street bevegelsen har jo blitt stormet og fjernet i New York og vi har her Norge sett noen tafatte forsøk på noe tilsvarende, bare at vi her bruker betegnelsen Okkuper Stortinget. Bare navnet i seg selv synes jeg vitner om hvor lite man har forstått, for meg står okkuper […]

Will iPad change the way of ads?

A good article from Jonathan Salem Baskin about how IPad could change the ideas of advertising: While technology has not been kind to traditional advertisers, next week’s launch of Apple’s iPad offers an immense opportunity. Big brand names like FedEx and Chase have bought much of the ad inventory for the next few months. I […]

Interesting way of branding things!

A music video has done something quite interesting I think, they have put 41 different ads in the video! So, how do we classify this? Is it user-generated, viral involuntary co-op branding? But it’s an interesting technique – commercials as a library for music video producers. Ooh, almost forgot – how many of the commercials […]

Social medias and the Olympics

Here is something I read about the Olympics and would like to share with you; The 2008 Beijing Olympics should be the perfect area for social media coverage of the event itself Social media is also being used by many big brands to capitalise upon the Games. The very reasons we identified for social media […]

Had fun, talking about digital branding

Today, together with the Erfa group at Markedsföreningen in Stockholm, I had the opportunity to talk about branding in general, and digital branding in specific. Since this was my first meeting with them, I felt inspired meeting with a lot of people with a lot of interesting ideas. If you are interested, join the group […]

How to brand a baby…or…

News flash from the land of flamboyant parenting: Those wacky New Zealand parents who wanted to name their baby boy “4real” (but were foiled by a New Zealand law prohibiting names beginning with numbers) have now settled on a more familiar moniker. Superman, as he will be called in official contexts, will still go by […]