About this social media thing…

What was my strategy when launching this blog? How about when I started using Twitter over two years ago when most people dismissed it as a fad, trend, and a tool for narcissistic individuals who wanted to tell the world what they had for lunch? My strategy – learning by doing! I made mistakes, I […]

Something new and fun

Occasionally, you just stumble up on (no, no, not the community…) something fun you could use in your daily work. A college of mine, Russel, always made this nice clouds in presentations. So I asked what he used, and he told me he uses Wordle to create stuff. So I just tried it out on […]

How to create a successful blog

Just some ideas about it, since I have been working on this subject for the last couple of days with some of my customers. Here is some of my ideas: 1. Determining Your Information Sources. (You need something to write about and picking the right informational sources will make sure that your news blog is […]

Consumers expects more!

One of the so called marketing gurus, Mitch Joe, said at the Global Ecommerce Summit in Amsterdam that social media has changed the behavior on how to communicate with our customers. An example is when 40 % of American mums have their own space at MySpace, well, it’s time to think on how to market. […]