Viral marketing is growing!

According to Jupiter Research, two thirds of the European advertisers will use viral marketing during 2009. The low cost of doing this makes in more and more popular, especially amongst smaller advertisers. You’re opinion?

In 5 years – ads on the net will be 20 % in money!

According to The Kelsey Group the Global media investments reached approx. 600 billions USD during 2007. The prognosis for the next coming years will be 2,7 percent, which means that in 2012 – the global investments will be 707 billions USD. It’s an increase with ca 18 percent for the whole period – and Internet […]

The 4 C’s of Community

Content: Quality content is a great way to attract the people who are needed to form the elusive community that your brand is hoping will to help build. When considering community initiatives, there are three questions to ask yourself. 1. Where will the content come from? 2. Does it provide indisputable value? Can a regular […]

Should Ads In Adult Magazines Feature Naked People?

Reading some articles about advertising in different segments, I stated to wonder why ads in adult publications don’t feature naked people since contextually that would seem appropriate. Reading such a magazine, at least in part, is a goal-oriented activity — you buy a Playboy to look at nude women and skip whatever content doesn’t have […]

A good day – exciting new colleges

New possibilities, a good customer meeting and very a sunny and beautiful day in Oslo. It’s always exciting when new things comes around, in my case I have started to work as a senior advisor at a very thrilling company, Confetti . To work with the net as a business channel, ad’s, media – a […]