Shame on Jens Stoltenberg, Arbeiderpartiet and Senterpartiet!

Faced with record numbers of refugees seeking asylum in Norway, the government on Wednesday announced moves to make it harder for them to stay in the country.
Running away from it’s responsibilities in this very delicate and emotional matter I really don’t know how this Government will face it’s voters. I’m very curious to see Jonas Gahr Støre defending this
on the international arena…
The reason for this is, I think, a very desperate way on staggering the FRP increase in the polls, and somehow still stay in power at the next election 2009.
To more points; there are today something like 4 millions refugees in the world, and 15000 comes to Norway. Well, shouldn’t the richest country in the world have the financial means to taking care of people in need?
And the second one which is more on the side: the political differences in Norway is no longer between the Government and the opposition, it’s within the Government itself!