Reflections from a seminar “rosa-blogging”

I attended a seminar earlier this morning where Thomas Moen and Ulrikke Lundwere two of the speakers.

Thomas had a great presentation about the formalities and statistics about the phenomena rosa-blogging (for you non-Norwegians it’s the term for young females, in the age group between 13-20 blogging about fashion, makeup, clothes and other things regarding this).

Ulrikke Lund told us about how they think, how they make many and so on. A lot of people were very curious, and she answered the questions like this;
Yes, she makes money of of this and it is her business. She has approx. 20 000 hits/readers a day, which makes her a very interesting/influential person, when it comes to branding, product placement and so on. Her biggest problem, if I understood her correctly, was that she was given products instead of money when she was supposed to test something out. As she said: “I can’t pay my rent by having a wardrobe full of clothes, I need money for that”. The business model of her is quite simple, she does take money for writing about products, could be one post or several, but before she does that, she’s testing it, she doesn’t wan’t to write bad things about the stuff she’s getting, and that’s the reason for it.

All in all, a well spent an hour and a half.