President Mbeki and the situation in South Africa

So many years later, when ANC was voted in a a democratic election, there are so many things pointing the wrong way in South Africa. Since President Mbeki came to power, what have he done?
Even in yesterdays public address to the nation, he refused to mention the most critical things – the relation with Zimbabwe, the AIDS problem, WTO-discussions, the lack of doing something with crime, the growing unemployment situation and so on.

Much more needs to be done, there are about 11 million poor South Africans — about a quarter of the population — still depend on social grants, and 8 million people are without drinking water, after 13 years of multiparty democracy.

South Africa has one of the worst violent crime rates in the world — 50 people a day are murdered. In response to that, it’s officially said said the government would try to boost cooperation between the police and the massive private security sector.

The government wants to increase the number of police officers to 180,000 — up from 152,000 — within the next three years, he said.

Mbeki — scheduled to stand down in 2009 — devoted just one paragraph of his 18-page speech to the burning issue of HIV/AIDS, saying the government would intensify the campaign against the pandemic and improve treatment, prevention and care.

It doesn’t look to good – and I’m afraid that the struggle for democracy in Africa yet again will suffer a drawback, a new dictatorship will occur in five years is my prediction.