Norways biggest websites – 18th of December 2008

I wrote about this at Confettis blog, but I thought it had some points I would like to share.
In Norway we have a list from TNS/Metrix, measuring the traffic on Norwegian websites. But, you have to pay for it – to become a part of this statistics. That’s why, for example, isn’t on that list.
So I decided to find it out through Alexa, an Amazon owned company, doing search, site information and so on since 1996.
And the list at TNS/Metrix is something completely different from this one – and that’s something I found interesting. What should we trust? Both I presume, but there are some question marks – I really don’t understand how Alexa measure, but on the other hand – they measure it the same way, regardless if they pay or not.
What I’m looking at is to have a discussion about it – from an advertisers point of view. Of course it’s interesting to see that Facebook is much bigger than VG when it comes to ads and pricing.
I sure will get back in this matter – here is the list by the way: Alexa 18th Dec 2008