Jarle Aabo creats rage.. in the Norwegian Twitter elite…

Jarle Aabø wrote an article about a week ago, regarding the misuse of Twitter amongst Norwegian journalists. What happend, of course, he was hung by the lot….
But the thing about that is that they are absolutely right! Marius Eriksen, partner at Sermo wrote this in Kampanje. Besides what he is writing I would like to point out some specifics:

– I do understand why he is writing the way he is, he’s working towards customers with a slightly higher age profile than the most common social networks-users.
– It’s a new thing, and if you don’t understand it, do it the Norwegian way, be afraid and describe the worst scenario you can think, just to get some followers on your side.
– Times are a-changing, and if you’re not using social networkds for your clients, then you are actually not doing your job! And why should clients pay for that kind of advise which doesn’t actually gets all parts of society?
– A brilliant way of getting knowledge!

So, finally, this video from the summer kinda’ wraps up what is happening in social media and social networking. The most interesting thing today is that more people uses social networks than porn – and that’s the first time in Internet’s history something have beaten porn for ‘content’…