Is social multitasking the future on the net?

At a presentation I held today my idea is that social multitasking is the future on the net! Why?

In short: the explosion of applications, widgets and services on the net needs someone to ‘hub’ it! Services like Eventbox, Flock and SecondBrain is aggregation tools, and the need of someone to facilitate it will just increase. The need to control and manage all your social profiles from one place will we necessary, in particular if you will transform this into the business area. I’m very well aware of all the services to do this out there, but I’m thinking of the value for the non-geeks out there…

MultitaskingThe use of Internet will increase, but I do think the traditional surfing will go down, we need relevant information, delivered from one place. The ones who could solve this, organization and integration, they have a fantastic business potential.