In 5 years – ads on the net will be 20 % in money!

According to The Kelsey Group the Global media investments reached approx. 600 billions USD during 2007. The prognosis for the next coming years will be 2,7 percent, which means that in 2012 – the global investments will be 707 billions USD. It’s an increase with ca 18 percent for the whole period – and Internet as a standalone actor stands for the complete growth!
The Kelsey Group says that Internet advertising will grow from 45 billions USD in 07 til 147 billions USD in 2012. Pr/year it’s a growth with 23.4 percent and for the whole period an increase with 228 percent!

Advertising on internet was 6,1 percent in 2006 (global mediainvestments). In 2007 it was 7,4 percent and in 2012 The Kelsey Group guesses the investments will be 21 percent.