Dagbladet and Moland

Dagbladet did today reach a new low! This frontpage; Dagbladet tells it all. They have made an excuse, but the harm is already done, The paper is still out there, and it looks like Dagbladet are doing anything to sell some more papers.
There has been an outrage in Norway today and Twitter has been a place where the debate has gone high, to put it mildly. In one of my comments this day on Twitter is that Dagbladet journalists (who uses Twitter a lot) haven’t said a thing! They won’t even have a open debate about it on the net!!
What to say, the silence speaks for itself! Journalisten.no picked up the silence and wrote an article about it. It’s gonna be really interesting too see if this have any consequences for somebody at Dagbladet – or do they really think an excuse is enough??