København dag 2

And this one is in English.

The second day of the European Green Party Council in Copenhagen had (it’s still going on while I’m writing this) focus on green economy and green jobs. How to solve the challenges Europe has – and what are the means?

It started off with a debate with, among others, Prof. Diana Mangalagiu from the University of Oxford. Her very academic solution is the create new jobs within the energy sector. This will in the long term create new jobs and at the same time reduce the exploitation of the planet Earth. I know, this is a short one – but I will when I get home describe it much better!
Later on, Ulrich Bang, CEO of the Danish Energy Organization described how the danish politics has helped the whole energy industry to create business opportunities. It was kinda’ interesting, because I think if you ask somebody in Norway, you will find the same answers for the same consensus politics.

Later on, we where divided into different workshops, discussing everything from energy to right-wing communication. Myself went to the last one, nothing new really, but I liked the opportunity to discuss some issues insted of just sitting and listening.

Right now the agenda is about “Strengthening the European social soceity through the green economy” where Denmarks foreign minister Villy Søvndal had the key-note. The debate was focusing on wages in different countries and looking towards the eastern Europe for some kind of solutions.

What I have been missing all day is the ideological “green line” – what is actually green economy and green jobs? Like a representative from Austria so elegant put it – “what we’re discussing is traditional industrial solutions – green jobs is quality is jobs, despite if you are working in a restaurant or on a oil-platform, it’s about working hours, it’s about working environment – that’s for me green jobs”

And the day keeps going on.