Consumers expects more!

One of the so called marketing gurus, Mitch Joe, said at the Global Ecommerce Summit in Amsterdam that social media has changed the behavior on how to communicate with our customers.
An example is when 40 % of American mums have their own space at MySpace, well, it’s time to think on how to market.
“We have just taken ordinary ads and put them on the net. Today consumers expects interaction wit real people”, he said. “Everybody on the net is in contact with each other, there is no barriers, and marketers must use the possibilities which is out there”.
“You can’t brake the net, play with it! The ones who doesn’t create good content have a problem when Google defines your brand. You have to interact with your customers, a blog without interaction is like digital masturbation”, end of quote.

His blog Six Pixels of Seperation was said to be the most influential marketing blog in 2006 and he is today working on a book on the same subject. You’ll find his blog here: and here is a link to the conversation at the conference in Amsterdam.