Barack Obama Elected President

Barack Obama, shattered more than 200 years of history Tuesday night by winning election as the first African-American president of the United States. Mr Obama received 349 electoral vote vs John McCains 159. A landslide if you ask, and in my mind, quite surprising.

And my thoughts about this, well – Mr. Obama can not possibly be as good as people are hoping for him. He’s a human being, he’ll foul up and make mistakes. He won’t do everything he wants to do, and people will be disappointed. That’s how things are. He’s going to be strapped financially, and militarily. He’s going to have to fight off the endless nattering attacks of the right wing in the US. He’s going to have to learn on the job. But none of this means we should still not hope for the best, and realize that he’s probably the best chance there is right now to get things done in the US. People need to get behind him after a long period of self-destruction at the hands of the Republicans. I hope he can make some headway and start pointing the USA in the right direction. He’s not the messiah, but he’s an intelligent and optimistic person who wants to do right. That’s what the world need right now, more than anything else, but it’s also a heavy burden to have to bear. He need all the luck and intelligence he could get!