About football or rather – an excuse to be a moron!

I first planned to write something about the new fabulous opera in Oslo, but since the first football match in Stockholm between AIK and, in this case, Hammarby happened, I had to comment it.
Again, as every time, a lot of guys were morons again! Since my team (AIK) got a guy sent off with the red card, all hell break loose again. Trowing stuff into the field is absolute ridiculous!
Make the clubs pay as the costs, (security, police and so forth) I think this is the only way of getting rid of those people, because they know who they are.
This saturday, I went to see Brann and Stabekk played in the norwegian Tippeliga – there it was the way I would like to see fotball, parents was there with their kids, and despite that my ‘heroes’ lost and played terribly, it was a kind and nice atmosphere around the arena, and that is the way it should be!