Work at home or work at work, or…

I visited a big conference today and there were all these presentations about the opportunities about working at home, all the possibilities we have about being mobile, recive the information any time, at any place and so forth.
In my opinion it’s not a matter of efficiency, it’s all a matter of letting your work time take over your free time. So far, I haven’t noticed anybody talking about accessing information at any time, at any cost during your work hours. If I had an urgent need of reading a book which I read the night before, do I let this interrupt me at work? No, I certainly don’t. I have to wait. If I get a mail through my mobile phone when I’m reading my book a night, or when I’m done putting the kids to bed a night, do I read it and use time to read it? Yes, I do. Why, it’s it expectations or is it just me? I really don’t know, but I really would like someone to pick up the discussion, it’s not about ‘integrating time’, it’s working time taking over our spare time.