The sellout from the Norwegian Labor Party

What a heading… well, it comes down to the agreement between LO and NHO (we’re talking norwegian here) – and as many comments was, it’s a sellout for the Norwegian Labor Party. An agreement whichm one cost billions of NOK and second, just undermines he idea of supporting the “working class”, rephrase: giving the 40′ – generation all what they want and don’t think about the future. I do disagree with the chairman of FRP, Siv Jensen most of the time – but in a debate last night she had a point. How could the government, especially the Labor Party, refuse to give the senior citizens with the lowest benefits the needed money, the reason for this was the lack of money….. – and instead give that amount and much more to the people who are ok? I’m not saying that there isn’t any need to the ones with the lower incomes, but this, this is pure a sellout to win the election in a couple of years.
And besides that, it’s us, the 60’s and 70’s generation who have to pay for it…